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title pic Sonoran Desert Life Resort – testimonials

In order to try and explain what you get when you visit Sonoran Desert Life Resort, we would like to share a few testimonials that people have shared with us upon their visit to our resort. These are all 100% true testimonials, unedited and brought to you in their entirety.

When my wife and I decided to visit the Sonoran Desert after seeing a documentary on TV, we searched long and hard for a place that will provide us with the fullest possible experience while also not sacrificing too much of the comfort as we are well over 50 and cannot really appreciate staying in tents or anything like that anymore. We heard of Sonoran Desert Life Resort from our friends who went there a few years back and we decided to go there. Let’s just say that it was the best travel decision of our lives. The people were so nice and we really felt as if we found our second home. We lacked nothing and we saw everything. They had guides that showed us some of the best hidden parts of the desert and we really felt as if we went back in time. Thank you guys for one of the best experiences of our life.

Henry and Violet, Chicago


My family and I would like to thank you for the incredible week we have spent at the Sonoran Desert Life Resort. When we came, we didn’t know what to expect. Being from LA, we were worried that we might feel cut off from the world or that we might lack something. Thanks to your incredible hospitality and all the great stuff that you have at your resort, we really felt like never before on a trip. You may think that we are exaggerating, but our kids have been asking us when we will come back ever since we left. They loved your garden and they loved horse riding in the early morning. We will come back for sure.

Bartons, LA


Who thought that the desert can be such a fantastic place? When my boyfriend suggested we go to visit the Sonoran Desert, I thought he was kidding. But when we came and saw the beauty of the desert, I was lost for words. We have so many incredible pictures from our trip to the Sonoran desert that we will need ten albums to put them all in. We loved the breakfast that Jane cooked every morning and we loved the guided tours that showed us what America used to look like before we ruined it.

Felicity Hutchinson


Best trip ever! Loved the rooms and loved the desert. Will come back. Our parents tell us that we will come back next year.

Frank and Jeff

title pic What you can expect from Sonoran desert Life Resort

This page of our website is dedicated to providing you with more information on what your stay at the Sonoran Desert Life Resort is like and what you can expect from it. We are much more than just a comfy bed in the middle of the desert. We offer [...] Continue Reading…

title pic Sonoran Desert Life Resort– Learn More

This part of our website is a short introduction to the Sonoran Desert Life Resort, the mutilate place to stay at and visit when you are trying to discover the wonderful world of the Sonoran Desert. We have started working back in 1997 and back then, we didn’t even [...] Continue Reading…